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Beautiful shoot with Peter Alexander and his family!

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Peter Alexander has been stealing our hearts for over three months now and I couldn't be more excited to "lay my lens" on him! As I arrived to the shoot Peter Alexander was already awake and ready to roll, which he literally had no choice as his older siblings kept smooching and playing on top of him with the love only older siblings know. His family wanted a laid-back style of session so we didn't pose him too much, which helped him be completely comfortable, curious, and happy through the entire fun session. He was such an adorable and perfect trooper! I hope to continue taking many pictures of him and sharing what I know will be a wonderful transformation into toddlerhood, knowing how his fun and loving brothers are growing.

Take a peek at the pictures of our session with this little jewel of a human being and his family, totally worth the scroll, and do not hesitate to contact me for your next photography project or needs!

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